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TYPHON Skid Steer Loader Snow Blower Attachment

TYPHON Skid Steer Loader Snow Blower Attachment

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TYPHON Skid Steer Snow Blowers forcefully chew through loose and packed snow making snow removal from parking lots, roads, farm yards, and sidewalks an absolute breeze. The TYPHON Skid-Steer Snow Blower can also work in other areas where a traditional snow blower cannot reach.

The Skid Steer Snow Blower is attached to the front of a skid steer loader and uses the power of the loader's hydraulic system to operate. The attachment consists of a rotating impeller that pulls in snow and throws it out through a chute. The impeller is powered by a motor that is connected to the hydraulic system of the skid steer loader.

Weight: 160kg

Dimension:1034 X777 X864mm

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