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TYPHON 10hp EPA B&S FURY Walk behind Vibratory Roller Compactor

TYPHON 10hp EPA B&S FURY Walk behind Vibratory Roller Compactor

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GTIN: 5061030740187

A compact machine tackling big challenges. TYPHON’s FURY Walk-Behind Vibratory Roller is an exceptionally versatile machine. Our Walk-Behind Vibratory Rollers provide excellent performance on small to medium compacting jobs on granular materials, soils and asphalt. Compact design allows for easy manoeuvrability and works well in confined areas, contouring to high productivity and adjustable performance. After all, it’s not the size of TYPHON’s Fury Walk-Behind Vibratory Roller – it’s how many ways you can use it:

  • Earthwork and asphalt applications
  • Sport grounds
  • Sidewalk / cycle paths construction / repair
  • Farmingl roads construction / maintenance
  • Forested road construction / maintenance

The fast rotation of the walk-behind road roller combined with the vibrations create a compacting force that can compact soil, landfill, asphalt and more.


Walk speed:0-4km/h
Climbing capacity:30%
Drive type:Hydraulic Station
Vibration Control: Automatic Clutch
Static linear load:53N/cm
Vibration frequency:70HZ
Exciting force:20KN
Water tank:20L
Hydraulic oil tank:21L
Engine type:Briggs & Stratton Gasline Engine XR306CC With EPA
Starting Mode:Hand
Steel Wheel Size:φ425X600mmX2
Net weight:550kg
* Hydraulic pump brand: SDH
*Hydraulic motor brand: LIKE
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