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Skid Steer Loader Attachment Trench Filler

Skid Steer Loader Attachment Trench Filler

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A TYPHON skid steer trench filler attachment is designed to fill in trenches or ditches created previously. The attachment is typically a bucket with a flat bottom and a curved back that can be adjusted to the width of the trench.

To use the trench filler attachment, the skid steer loader is positioned at one end of the trench and the bucket is lowered into the trench. The loader is then driven forward, pushing the bucket along the length of the trench. As the bucket moves forward, it scoops up dirt and debris from the bottom of the trench and deposits it on top of the previous scoop, filling in the trench as it goes.

The process is repeated until the entire length of the trench is filled in. The trench filler attachment can save time and reduce the need for manual labor when filling in trenches or ditches, making it a popular choice for construction and landscaping projects.

Weight: 124kg

Dimension:1285 X480 X416mm

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