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New TYPHON VIGOR 3 Electric Forklift 3 Ton Lifter Lift Truck Jitney Hi-Lo

New TYPHON VIGOR 3 Electric Forklift 3 Ton Lifter Lift Truck Jitney Hi-Lo

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Discover the TYPHON VIGOR 3, a compact electric forklift meticulously designed for low ceiling indoor use. With its impressive specifications and advanced features, this forklift from TYPHON Machinery is a game-changer in the world of material handling.

TYPHON VIGOR 3 Compact Electric Forklift Key Specifications

1. Compact and Powerful

  • Weighs 4,000kg (8818lbs) with a rated lifting weight of 3,000kg.
  • Twice the lifting capacity compared to many forklift machines on the market.

2. Precision Handling

  • Load center distance of 500mm.
  • Rated lifting height of 3m, with a two-stage 3000mm lifting height.
  • 1960 mm wheelbase for stability.
  • Free lift of 1400mm for low ceiling situations.

3. Maneuverability

  • Minimum turning radius of 2370mm.
  • Lateral movement capabilities for enhanced warehouse navigation.
  • Truck body length (excluding fork) of 2750mm and a width of 1200mm.

4. Efficient Power Source

  • Powered by a 60V/260Ah battery.
  • Offers a smart charging solution – compatible with any 110V charging point. Comes with charger.

5. Operational Excellence

  • Equipped with hydraulic steering for precise control.
  • Solid tires for durability and stability during operations. 2 sets of two tires in front for added stability.
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