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New Excavator For Sale

Brand New TYPHON TERROR VIII 800kg Mini Excavator

Brand New TYPHON TERROR VIII 800kg Mini Excavator

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NEW Briggs & Stratton EPA engine 800kg/0.8 ton mini excavator with CE certification from Typhon.

The TYPHON TERROR VIII Mini Excavator is designed for small project, garden, farmland municipal works etc, and also can be used in playground or in public parks.

This excavator comes with a small engine and a simple design, which makes it easy to maintain. It's reliable and user-friendly. Capable of digging, grabbing, drilling, bull-dozing, ditch-cleaning and rock-breaking, this is one mean machine you will definitely need.

Comes with one standard digging bucket and a canopy roof.

TYPHON Machinery is your trusted supplier of heavy equipment and machinery based in the USA whose purpose is to help businesses, contractors and entrepreneurs build reliable infrastructure that will last for generations to come. By harnessing our extensive expertise, state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and reliable partnerships, we are able to provide a wide range of heavy equipment & machinery that will never disappoint in terms of toughness, reliability and performance. Are you experiencing any issues with your order? There is no need to worry because we are always at your disposal to address any concerns.

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