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2023 TYPHON 2 Ton Rated Capacity Electric Forklift Lifter Lift Truck

2023 TYPHON 2 Ton Rated Capacity Electric Forklift Lifter Lift Truck

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GTIN: 15061030740177

A compact electric forklift machine designed for indoor use from TYPHON Machinery.

Weighing 2,530kg or 5,600lbs by itself, the TYPHON Hi-Lo 20 has a rated lifting weight of 2,000kg , which is twice that of many forklift machines in the market.
With a load centre distance of 500mm, it has a rated lifting height of 3m, which works out to a two staged 3000mm lifting height.
WIth a 1550mm wheelbase, the forklift machine has a minimum turning radius of 2280mm

Excluding the fork, the truck body length is 2230mm while body width is 1100mm. Packed with hydraulic steering and solid tires, the forklift features lateral movement capabilities, making the TYPHON Hi-Lo 20 an indispensable machine in the warehouse.
Powered by a 60V/ 210ah battery, it offers smart charging solution for the end user. Just use any 110V charging point and you can power up the TYPHON.


Rated Capacity: 2000kg

Load center Distance: 500mm

Wheelbase: 1550mm

Rated Lifting Height : 3-6m

Truck body length (Fork Excluded): 2230mm

Body Width: 1100mm

Turning Radius: 2280mm

Operational Weight (with Battery): 2530kg

Battery Voltage/Nominal Capacity: 60V/210Ah

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